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Catechesis Study Materials

This page lists all of the Church Matters Solutions presentations and related materials that are available for free download, and are suitable for seminars or self-study. Those marked “Under Construction” will be added over a period of time, so check back later to see if they have been added. The above graphic depicts the three Saxon Electors that played a pivotable role in the Reformation and is a very small segment of a ceramic mural that adorns 102 meters on the back of the royal stables in Dresden, Germany. This mural covers the 800-year reign of the House of Witten, which ended at WW I.


1. Your Reformation Walk: A Study in Church History from the First to the Twentieth Century by Gene White

2.  Jonah Bible Study

3.  Book of Concord FAQ flyer 

4.  How Art Teaches Theology, Part I

5.  How Art Teaches Theology, Part II

6.  The Augsburg Confession Study

7.  Evangelism and Outreach Materials

8.  Our Creator God Materials

9.  Vocation Materials

10. Worship and Adiaphora Lessons

11. Visual Version of Luther's Small Catechism

12. How to Use Your ESV Study Bible PowerPoint