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Worship and Adiaphora - A five-lesson study

This is a 5-lesson study that includes musical samples to add context. This makes amplifiers and speakers suitable for your group size to be available. Some of music takes a little longer and is foreign to our ears. Since they did not have 4-part harmonizing they used other techniques, so see if you can pick them out. It takes about 5-hours, plus lunch and breaks to complete this study if you want to do it as a day-long seminar. Best arrangement would be to do it on two succeeding half days, but hour-long sessions work too.

Not recommended for new Lutherans in that they would not have the needed foundation. 

Lesson 1 starts in Genesis and ends with Temple history.

Lesson 2 starts with the destruction of the Temple and ends after the Reformation.

Lesson 3 starts in America and brings us to the present time.

Lesson 4 continues with the present-day application of Scripture to our confessional practices.

Lesson 5 concludes with adiaphora today.

Flacius on Adiaphora handout.

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