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Lay Leadership In the Congregation

Author: Gene White

Informed lay leadership is of prime concern for the proper functioning of a congregation in this time of miss-information and loss of historical context. These educational products are arranged in the order of detail with The Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government providing the overview and basics of each topic. This booklet is augmented by four PowerPoint presentations with instructor notes that can be downloaded for free.

The Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government 

Just released for free download for the first time, this handy booklet of 50+ pages is the culmination of 55+ years of experience, analysis, and application of ways to improve the effectiveness of church administration. Several of the included items have been implemented in various congregations where the author was a member and elected leader. Initially written in 2006, it has undergone revision, along with some additions.

Among the reviewers is Rev. Marty Noland, who says this about the booklet: “Lutheran church officers are often befuddled by challenging issues confronting their congregation, and they find that resources specifically intended for Lutheran congregations are rare.  Not only is Gene White's "The Lay Person's Guide to Good Church Government" a great resource for finding solutions to challenging issues, it is also gives the novice a good education in church government of the Missouri Synod type.  Even experienced lay officers and pastors will find many "nuggets" of wisdom to benefit them here.”

If you are involved in any part of church administration and leadership you will find something of value here.

The major sections of the booklet are; Myths About Business and Church Organizations, Organizational Fundamentals for Churches, The Foundation - Your Constitution and Bylaws, Large Church Organizational Structures, Proper Balance, The Use of Policy in the Church, The Role of Planning in the Church, Personality Types and Groupings in the Church, How a Church Grows, Managing the Call Process, Compensation of Church Staff, Financial Management, Church Discipline, and Summary, plus four attachments containing examples for your use. While this booklet is oriented towards Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations, there are many facets that can be applied to any Christian congregation. Click here to download the booklet.

The following PowerPoint presentations provide additional detail on the following four areas in the CMS Leadership Series. Each presentation lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Part I  CMS Church Government – History
Part II  CMS Church Government
Constitution and Bylaws 
Part III CMS The Call Process 
Part IV CMS Financial Management  
Part V CMS The Use of Policy  
Part VI CMS Church Discipline