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Examining the Watchtower, or Jehovah’s Witnesses


SoundWitness is motivated by a genuine concern for Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Here we invite them, and all interested persons, to critically examine the Watchtower’s history, teachings and practices in light of the Bible.
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"What does this tell me about Jehovah God?"  An article based on the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

Got Books?  Email us if there's a particular Jehovah's Witness book you're looking for.

Should you believe in the Trinity? Listen to this old lecture by apologist Walter Martin  as he respectfully demonstrates how the Trinity is proven in the Scriptures.

Is It Proper to Pray to Jesus?

One God In Three Persons, by Dr. Bill Weinrich
Confused about the Trinity? This article explains the Trinity as an eternal relationship of love within the three persons that extends to sinners through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

101 Translations of John 1:1, by Michael J. Caba
The Jehovah's Witnesses, in their New World Translation, rewrite John 1:1, demoting Jesus to "a" God. Here are 100 other translations from Bibles representing scholars from a wide variety of religious groups, spanning 700 years, all of which beg to differ with the Watchtower's translation.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses: Christian or Cult?:
A Summary of Their History and Beliefs

A Letter to My Jehovah's Witness Friend
Whatever Happened to The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures?, Part 1

The New World Translation on Trial in the Watchtower's Own Kingdom Interlinear Translation of The Greek Scriptures, Part 2

The New World Translation on Trial in the Watchtower's Own Kingdom Interlinear Translation of The Greek Scriptures, Part 3 
Discusses the availability of the Kingdom Interlinear, and provides a list of references examining the reliability of the New World Translation.

Download or Purchase a Copy of The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

The Great Crowd and the Little Flock

Why the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong teaching that only 144,000 go to heaven, and much more.  A well written, comprehensive paper on the JW 144,000 doctrine. While SoundWitness might not agree with every point made because Lutherans are amillennialists, this paper is definitely worth reading.

The Memorial:
Every year millions worldwide attend the Memorial, yet very few partake of the body and blood of Christ. Why?
Our Visit to the Kingdom Hall Memorial!

Forgiveness: In Limited Supply in the WT!

Christ, Mediator for a Few

Jehovah Crushed Him:
The Watchtower's Understatement of Isaiah 53

Two Takes on the Torture Stake:
A perspective on the death of Jesus

A four-article series refuting the Watchtower's inadequate view of Christ's ransom:

The Watchtower's Inadequate Ransom, Part 1

The Watchtower's Inadequate Ransom, Part 2

The Watchtower's Inadequate Ransom, Part 3

The Watchtower's Inadequate Ransom, Part 4

The Lamb - At the Center!

Who and What are Jehovah's Witnesses Working For?

Does the Watchtower Consult Spiritists?


"They're a bunch of Goats" - or Are They?":
The Watchtower's changing interpretation of Matthew 25:31-32.

Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ:
What does the WT mean by the word "resurrection"?

The Resurrection and the Two Classes:
What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ mean to those who believe in him?

Separating of the Sheep and Goats:
The Watchtower reversed a long-standing doctrine regarding the separating of the sheep and the goats (Matt. 25:31-46).

It could happen to you!

Is the WT Leadership the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

Who is Jesus, Part One

Who is Jesus, Part Two

And Who Created What?

You in the New Covenant?: Is Jesus the "mediator" only for anointed Christians?

Everlasting Life the WT Way:
When a Gift is not a Gift

Idolatrous Worship of a Man-made Organization

Does God Work Through an Organization?

The Watchtower and the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers

The Watchtower Misrepresentation of the Trinity:
The argument you so eloquently refuted was not mine!

What is the Gospel According to the Watchtower?:
What is the Gospel according to the Bible?

Faith in God's Word?:
The Watchtower and the Bible.

Watchtower Inconsistency

The Watchtower's Thesaurus

Ecclesiastes 9

Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible Prophecy:
Misinterpretation of I Cor.13:12 and Prov. 4:18

A Few Questions on Blood

New Light on Blood:
It's only a matter of time...

New Light on Voting

What happened to the Creator's promise to the generation of 1914?

What about 1914?:
Confusion regarding changes in the Watchtower's doctrine of 1914.