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The people of SoundWitness are interested in studying the many religious cults and sects, various philosophical worldviews and the many claims to truth found in the world, but our minds, hearts, and souls are most devoted to studying and proclaiming the Gospel. All the other work we do serves this, our real purpose. Here you will find material devoted to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


One God In Three Persons,  by Dr. William Weinrich: Explains the Trinity as an eternal relationship of love within the three persons that extends to sinners through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Courageous Confession of Christ,  A Sermon by Pastor John A. Krueger

God Has Not Forgotten,  A Sermon on Isaiah 49:12-17, by Pastor John A. Krueger, Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Reflections On the Life of the Royal Priesthood: Vocation and Evangelism,   by Professor John T. Pless

Sanctification: By Grace Alone, by Rev. Dr. David P. Scaer

What Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Have To Do With Me?

The Rhythm of the Christian Life: Holy Week experiences in Mexico City framed within the context of the Theology of the Cross

Let Your Sins Be Strong!: A quote from a letter of Martin Luther to Philip Melanchthon

The Far Reaching Hand of God: One man's story of redemption

How Can You Find a Gracious God?: Towards an understanding of the Doctrine of Justification

Walking in the Light :  Towards an understanding of Christian Confession of Sin

How to Become and Remain a Christian: Towards an understanding of the proper distinction of Law and Gospel

The Blueprint for the Gospel, by Rev. Todd Wilken:  Discusses the false sense of agreement created by the Lutheran/Catholic Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

Become as You Are!: Towards an understanding of Christian identity

The Law and the Gospel: How can a mortal be righteous before God?

Lenten Enthusiasm

Become as You Are!: A look at Matthew chs 5-7

"My Church and Others: A Summary of the Teachings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church As Distinguished From Those of Other Denominations," by John Theodore Mueller.