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A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to keeping the "false" out of doctrine

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The following is a brief account of SoundWitness...

For many years a loose network of people from various Christian churches worked in the Seattle-Tacoma area reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses, and all those affected by the Watchtower. Many people were helped. Over time it became increasingly clear that there were good reasons for becoming better organized and accountable to one statement of faith. As we busied ourselves, over the years, with addressing the errors of the Watchtower and other sects/cults, we came to believe that segments of the "Evangelical" Church are in danger of compromising the Gospel at crucial points.

In March of 1997, from the loose network, several persons committed to being faithful to the historic Christian faith came together, formed and incorporated SoundWitness in the State of Washington as a non-profit organization. While ministry to Jehovah's Witnesses remains one of the main strengths of SoundWitness, it is expanding it's outreach into the area of Apologetics and Theology.

SoundWitness believes that evangelism must begin with clear communication of the objective substance of Christian faith and practice. SoundWitness seeks to speak to the minds of people, communicating objective biblical truths so that they might have the assurance of God's forgiveness and favor, and thus be better equipped to discern, not only the errors of sects/cults, but also the shifting winds of contemporary popular "Evangelicalism". Few consider the broader implications of many aberrant teachings popular in "Evangelicalism" today; those who do are not popular. Many Christians, when hearing such voices, hide behind a curtain of polite ignorance. SoundWitness aims to open this curtain and call Christians to walk in the Light.