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A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to keeping the "false" out of doctrine

Critiques of Various Truth Claims Within Popular/Non-Christian Culture


SoundWitness examines the various truth claims, trends and ideas that have arisen in our secular, non-Christian culture. Some of these ideas profess to harmonize with the Christian faith and others do not. Some of them are clearly rooted in Eastern, New Age, thought forms that conflict with the Biblical revelation. We invite you to consider our findings.

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A Review of the Book and the Movie

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Book Review: A Christian critique of "The Relaxation Response" by Herbert Benson, MD

My Personal Encounter With New Age Medicine

Psychic Mediums: What does God Say About Their Practices?

"Crossing Over:" Questions and Answers about John Edward’s TV Show

A Critique of the Book What If God Were the Sun? by John Edward

What if God Were the Sun?: Reviews of the book off the Internet

A Critique of Gandhi on Christianity 

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