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Critiques of Various Truth Claims Within Evangelicalism


Evangelicalism , according to Elwell’s Dictionary of Theology, is "a movement in modern Christianity, transcending denominational and confessional boundaries, that emphasizes conformity to the basic tenets of the faith and a missionary outreach of compassion and urgency." (1984, p 379) The name is derived from a Greek noun, euangelion, translated as good news or gospel.  

While having many positive characteristics, Evangelicalism has, nevertheless, given rise to a number of claims and trends that we believe compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is these unbiblical claims and trends that we wish to draw attention to and give warning about.

Transform or Die: Taking a Look at the Transforming Churches Network, by Scott Diekmann

Does God Hate Sin but Love the Sinner?, by Dr. Walter W. F. Albrecht

Ronald L. Dart's Anti-Trinitarian Teaching, by Scott Diekmann

Are You in God's Will?, a quote of Rev. Todd Wilken

Can you make a decision for Christ?, by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

The Text is Too Strong; discussing theistic evolution, by Scott Diekmann

Lectio Divina: A Lutheran Perspective, by Rev. Jeffrey W. Ware

Christless Christianity: Getting In Christ's Way, by Michael S. Horton

The Green Bible: Environmentalism Gone Awry, by Scott Diekmann

The Shack: A Book Review, by Jim Pierce

Will You Be "Left Behind?," by Rev. G. Brent McGuire

A Theology of Glory and a Theology of the Cross, by Pastor Don Matzat

Willow Creek's Malnourished Christians:  Seeker-Sensitive Failure?

The Emerging Church, Part 1: An Overview, by Scott Diekmann
Introduces the concepts of modernism and postmodernism, and provides a brief description of the Emerging Church using their own words.

The Emerging Church, Part 2: The Bible, One Voice Among Many
Describes the Emerging Church's rejection of Biblical inspiration and inerrancy in favor of a derivation of "truth" through a cooperative effort of community, story, and Biblical "interpretation."

The Emerging Church, Part 3: The Experiential Road
Relates how abandonment of Scriptural authority necessarily leads to an emphasis on experience.

The Emerging Church, Part 4: The Mystical Road
Considers the Emerging Church's embrace of mysticism through such means as contemplative prayer.

The Emerging Church, Part 5: Redefining the Gospel?
Delineates how the New Perspective on Paul has led to a rejection of justification by grace through faith.

The Emerging Church, Part 6: A Social Gospel?
Emphasizes the Emerging Church's confusion of Law and Gospel, to "live in the way of Jesus."

The Emerging Church, Part 7: Sheep Without a Shepherd
Points out the lack of certainty of many Emerging Church pastors, and their failure to preach the whole counsel of God.

The Emerging Church, Part 8: Final Thoughts
Summarizes the previous parts and reiterates the true way to "live in the way of Jesus," through Word and Sacrament.

All eight parts together
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The Labyrinth Journey:  Walking the Path to Fulfillment?, by Carl Teichrib

The Purpose-Driven Life:  A Lutheran's Perspective, by Scott Diekmann

Una Vida Con Propósito:  Una Perspectiva Luterana
Word version 

A Book Review of Testing the Claims of Church Growth, by Rev. Rodney Zwonitzer

For the Sake of Christ's Commission:   An examination of the pitfalls of the Church Growth Movement 

Foundations for Faith: A Discussion of "Experience" and "Decision" in Relation to Salvation, by Greta Olsoe

Church Growth through Cell Groups: A consideration of four books on cell church methodology, by Kevin Fenster and Greta Olsoe

The AD 2000 Movement, by Greta Olsoe

Truth and Theology: Priorities for the Church Today, by Greta Olsoe and Debra Olsoe Lunde

The Prayer of Jabez: A Review,
by Mark Talbot

A Book Review of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby and Claude V. King, by Pastor Gary Gilley