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Download, Borrow, or Purchase The Kingdom Interlinear Translation - or Possibly Obtain a Hard Copy for Free

Kingdom Interlinear Translation
Using The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures (KIT), put out by the Watchtower, is an excellent way to point out the errors contained in the Watchtower's own Bible translation, the New World Translation.  By comparing the Greek on one side (with the English meanings of the Greek words written under the Greek words), to the Watchtower's translation, written on the other side, it is readily apparent that the Watchtower has mistranslated God's Word. You might be able to obtain a copy of of the KIT simply by stopping by a Kingdom Hall and asking for one.  If not, listed below are other options. 

To directly download a pdf copy of the 1969 The Kingdom Interlinear Translation go to this address: _Interlinear-Greek_Scriptures_1969.pdf

To download other formats of the 1969 KIT go to this address:

To download a copy of the 1985 KIT
, go to Scribd (membership required):

The links for the KITs seem to break frequently.  If you discover a bad link, or if you discover other functional links for KIT downloads, please let Scott know at zanson at msn dot com.

To obtain the Watchtower's JW Library app, which includes the KIT:
The Watchtower has an app called JW Library, released in 2014, which can be installed on your smart phone or Kindle.  It comes with the default New World Translation, as well as the Kingdom Interlinear Translation, the Byington translation, the American Standard translation, and the King James translation.  It defaults to the New World Translation. In order to view the KIT (which can only be viewed one verse at a time, making it somewhat problematic), tap on the New World Translation blue bible verse number, which will open a window with the same verse paralleled in the other translations.  Of course, the JW Library also comes with other Watchtower propaganda.  To install the app on your phone, search for it in your particular phone's respective app store, or look on the internet here for more information:

Screenshots of the JW Library app:

To check out a digital ePub or pdf copy of the 1985 KIT go to Open Library. Open Library is free (just sign up), simple to use, and is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive. The KIT page is located at: _the_Greek_Scriptures

To purchase a copy of
The Kingdom Interlinear Translation, check out a used book retailer such as, or you may find one on or eBay.

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