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Studying the Augsburg Confession

The links below will take you to three documents that cover the major writings generated in 1530 on the occasion of the Augsburg Diet held in Augsburg, Germany. (Pronounced as De-et) This diet was convened by Charles V in order to try and resolve the “Lutheran Problem.” Luther was not present due to the ban on his life so he stayed in Saxon lands at Coburg Castle, which was just across the border. Charles was desperate to restore unity in the empire and prepare for the coming war with the Ottoman Empire, now invading Austria. The Roman Church was not in the mood to call a church council to resolve a church issue for a variety of reasons centered around their own internal turmoil.

The Catholics had prepared a document in advance of the Diet called the Confutation which was read at the council, with the Lutherans were expected to respond to it, but they were not given a copy before leaving the Diet.

The Lutherans had arrived with their confession of their faith, as requested by the Charles V. The Lutherans had to redraft the document after they arrived for the diet, but they did have the opportunity to read the document before leaving for home. Subsequently, the Lutherans prepared the Apology to the Augsburg Confession to address the errors of the Confutation. This was all done in respectful way by the Lutherans, while the Catholic participants were using every trick in the book to create an unlevel playing field.

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