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Jonah Bible Study: Author: Gene White

Preface to the Study of the Book of Jonah

Jonah, one of the 12 Minor Prophets is a most fascinating book, often overlooked due to its small size and perhaps some bad press about the illogical notion that a large fish (often portrayed as a whale) could swallow someone whole and three days later belch them up on a beach still in one piece and alive, no worse for wear. This reaction is a direct result of humanism or logic, being the guiding principle in determining what the Bible says, rather than God’s Word. I can remember distinctly in the 60’s, when I did my first study of Jonah the skeptics would scoff openly about Jonah, especially about the whale or fish part of it. They never got past that point and failed to see the miracle of surviving the mode of transportation and that took place in Nineveh in a later chapter. The briefness of the book belies its depth. Only Obadiah is as small as Jonah and having about the same number of verses.

If one studies the whaling era of wooden ships you can find a couple of false stories of sailors actually having a “Jonah experience” and living to talk about it. All of these stories are in the “tall tales/tails department.” However, I would be remiss not to point out that a whale, without God’s help, could swallow a smaller man with some difficultly. Sperm Whales can swallow giant squid weighing over 400 pounds, without much difficulty, however, squid are very slippery and man is not, at least physically.

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