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Visual Small Catechism, Bonus Package

This study contains the complete Small Catechism without the CPH copyright questions. Earlier versions of the SC that are available online may have questions in pdf format, or you can use the questions out of a current version that you may have.

The use of visual techniques in this PowerPoint version is due to the fact that about 60% of our students are visual learners. Accordingly, we have included visual context information as introductory material to the SC. For additional effect there are appropriate graphics, notations and links to information about each of the six parts, plus all three creeds with history about each.

We trust you will not only find this version useful to your needs for catechizing but also for a periodic refresher with adults. Two versions of the basic materials are provided: one for use with a large screen and one for small screens, such as a laptop or TV type display. Also, included is a pdf file for use as a student workbook. The pages are in landscape format and look the same as the small screen PowerPoint version of the SC. By printing and using a spiral binding on the short edge the student will have a flat double-sided workbook with room for taking notes.

Since material from How Art Teaches Theology, Part I is used in several places you may want to start with that presentation before presenting the SC. Click here for Part I.

For the large screen version click here.

For the small screen version click here.

For the PDF student workbook click here.

For the Readme file click here.


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