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Our Creator God: Genesis Defended, Scientific Atheism Rebuked

Author: Gene White

This study consists of Part I and Part II.

This study falls into the area of apologetics due to the inclusion of proofs showing where scientific atheism has been proven wrong on several fronts. These failures, of course, are much like editorial corrections in the newspaper where a very small print note on the last page appears. Regrettably, none of these corrections seem to make it to the textbooks of our school system. Feel free to print out these materials and place them in your church library.

In the author’s attempt to help connect the dots between one topic and another there is more information than you would find in a “stovepipe” type of presentation on each topic. Many unanswered questions are also presented in Part II which will most likely remain unanswered until we meet our maker. Another issue is the dating of materials and events, where at times there is fairly good alignment, while in most areas not so much.

For an overview and a listing of the section titles for each part in the presentation, click here.

For a two-page article on the acute need to educate our youth and young adults in this area click here.

There are also two demo files, one for each part, which are ideal for use in an Adult or youth education hour, or other opportune time. They each run about 45 minutes.

For the Part I Demo click here.

For the Part II Demo click here.

For the full Part I presentation of 152 slides click here.

For the full Part II presentation of 133 slides click here.

For a separate presentation titled "Abbreviations, Citations and Reference Links," click here.

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