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How Art Teaches Theology, Part II: Author: Gene White

Part II provides a theological and historical view of two pictures that hang in the nave of St. Mary Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Download the complete Powerpoint show file for Part II by clicking here.



The first piece reviewed is known as The Nativity. This painting is based on the Christmas Gospel, Luke 2:1-14. The annunciation by the angel is shown in the background. It is an epitaph to both Casper Niemergk and his wife (shown kneeling), and was painted in 1564, presumably by one of the Cranach’s.




The second picture is known as The Vineyard, by Lucas Cranach the Younger. The painting is divided into a left and right hand to contrast between Catholic (left) and Lutheran (right).


Cranach is explaining the meaning of the Reformation by portraying the Catholic clergy and the Lutheran reformers as laborers in different vineyards of the Lord.

He succinctly explains the entire meaning of the Reformation in one image!

Download this flyer by clicking here.

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