A Lutheran apologetics ministry dedicated to keeping the "false" out of doctrine.

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Living Christian Faith: Articles concerning Biblical doctrines essential to Christian faith and practice — from a Lutheran perspective.

Watchtower pamphlet image Examining  the  Watchtower,  or  Jehovah's  Witnesses. Articles  documenting  the  Watchtower's   unreliability, using the Bible as our yardstick.
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Critiques of various truth claims within Evangelicalism. Topics include The Shack, The Purpose-Driven Life, the Emerging Church, Lectio Divina, and others related to truth and theology in a postmodern world.

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Podcasts for the discerning ear. We scour the web searching for the best Christian radio has to offer on various topics and list them here. Download or listen on demand.

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Free catechetical seminar study materials for the discerning mind from Church Matters Solutions.

Free materials on lay leadership in the congregation from Church Matters Solutions.

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Hymns and poems to edify body and soul from Church Matters Solutions.

yoga image Critiques  of  various  truth  claims  within  popular cul- ture. Topics include new age  medicine,  mysticism, the relaxation response, and The Golden Compass.
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